Friday, February 16, 2007


There will be a site meeting of the Planning Committee at 9am on 15th March at Templemere regarding the proposed development on the site at the corner of Sprowston Road / Mousehold Lane (where the old PO used to be). This will be to discuss the road access to the development of 12 properties through Templemere.

Houses STILL standing empty

Following on from last month's gripping council meeting:

Conservatives on Norwich City Council have discovered that hundreds of properties in Norwich have been left empty, despite the growing number of people who require new places to live.

Cllr Eve Collishaw made the point at a full Council meeting and pressed Labour on what they were doing to bring these houses back into use.

Cllr Collishaw said: “It is ridiculous that houses stand empty whilst people in Catton Grove desperately need new homes. The council should focus on making every single dwelling count and work on new plans to bring run-down houses up to standard.”
Are there any empty homes near you? Let Eve know so that she can bring a “dossier of empty properties” to the council. We need action on this issue!

Hay Hill Update

I have just issued this press release:

Labour-run City Hall have been accused of making decisions behind closed-doors after it was revealed that they plan to install a major piece of modern art on Hay Hill – removing the existing stall holders and potentially costing tax-payers thousands of pounds.

Catton Grove’s Councillor Eve Collishaw has been at the forefront of trying to get information out of the City Council. She said: “We have no idea about the costs or implications of this. It is like the council writing a blank cheque.”

“Labour have made these decisions behind closed doors without event consulting local elected councillors or even the market stall holders who are about to be evicted.”

“Why can’t City Hall be open and honest about these things? No wonder nobody trusts Labour any more.”

Blake's Loke

I have called for a special clean up in this area, which is between Blake's Court and Sprowston Road. I visited it this week and there are bin bags and broken glass everywhere. How is this missed by the litter teams?